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Bridging the Gap - Social Media Safety: An Evening for Parents, June 5 @ 7:00pm in the Gym


Bridging the Gap will provide participants with an overview of some of the most common concerns facing youth today in terms of their usage of technology and Social Media. It will also explore sexual exploitation and (more specifically) how the usage of technology (smart phones, the internet) plays a role in this issue.  The presentation informs parents, care providers, educators and anyone working with youth, about what young people - and offenders - are accessing (Instagram, snapchat, TikTok ,etc.), and will provide valuable information on how to protect kids from the hidden forms of child and youth sexual exploitation.

Many children know more about technology than adults.  Technology has opened countless doors and opportunities to connect with others across the world, obtain information instantly with a single click, and open up limitless doors.  Unfortunately with these great possibilities, have come serious problems with online predators, exploitations such as sextortion, cyber bullying etc.  More than ever adults need to be aware of and in touch with the threats that are online waiting for children.  Val has been presenting to thousands of students and families for 14 years now.  She speaks to many school divisions across Manitoba and Saskatchewan and we are delighted to have her in our own school March 7.  Val will also be presenting to our middle years students that afternoon. Please note that the student and parent presentations are different and that parents of children of all ages are encouraged to attend the evening presentation.

The student (5-8) presentations in the afternoon will cover topics that include:

  • the potential dangers that exist on social media and gaming sites
  • creating a healthy balance with the use of technology
  • relationships with people kids meet online
  • privacy settings
  • digital footprints
  • how to handle difficult situations





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